ISO 50001:2018
Energy Management System

Why ISO 50001 is needed?
The purpose of the standard is to provide companies with structured and comprehensive guidance on optimizing the process of energy consumption and system management of this process.

Requirements for the energy management system

Energy management system, requires organizations to:
  • developing a policy for more efficient use of energy;
  • adjusting goals and objectives in accordance with the policy;
  • using data to better understand how to use energy better and to make appropriate decisions;
  • measuring results;
  • analysis of how well the policy works;
  • continuous improvement of energy management.

Benefits of the energy management system:

An enterprise that has built and adjusted the operation of a high-quality energy management system gets the opportunity:
  • improve the energy efficiency of the production cycle;
  • to carry out effective energy saving measures in a timely manner;
  • to receive a return from these activities in the form of financial profit;
  • improve your energy efficiency and competitiveness in the market;
  • implement plans to improve the efficiency of energy saving by analyzing the current energy consumption relative to the expected;
  • implement and apply various legislative, regulatory, contractual and other requirements and obligations in the daily activities of organizations.
  • perform an important regulatory function in climate change;
  • to increase the reliability of the work and capitalization of the organization;
  • reduce the energy intensity of a product or service.

TQCSI Certification Process:
  • contact our TQCSI office and ask for prices or apply online (or fill out the form below) - TQCSI needs to know what your business is doing and how many employees (full-time equivalent)
  • to prevent delays, don’t wait until your energy management system is fully implemented.
Mark of certification of Energy Management Systems.

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