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TQCSI Kazakhstan
TQCSI maintains a simple and straight forward approach to the auditing, certification and is focussed on meeting our clients’ requirements through a transparent and honest partnership.

The implementation of this philosophy is what sets TQCSI apart from other certification bodies. We add value to our clients’ certification which in turn, strengthens our partnership and grows our reputation as the most professional certification body in the world.

Remote audit

COVID-19 has created many challenges in 2020 for businesses maintaining their operations and keeping their staff and visitors safe is a high priority.

In addition to the restrictions on travel, clients may have concern has over auditors visiting their business to conduct an audit. TQCSI has been accredited by JAS-ANZ to conduct remote audits, ensuring businesses can maintain their certification during these challenging times.

Notification of certification
Formal notice of certification is generally forwarded within five business days of audit completion with a framed Certificate following shortly after. Once certified, clients are also listed on the TQCSI List of Certified Organisations and, for JAS-ANZ accredited programs, on the JAS-ANZ Register.

Certification of Management Systems

Certification Marks
Once certified, we provide our clients with the Certification Marks for identification and promotional purposes. The TQCSI certification marks highlight our client's commitment to continually improving their business while meeting International and/or industry specific standards. Clearly and identifiable marker that you have been certified by a World Class Certification Body. The TQCSI Rules of Certification contain instructions for the use of those marks. The marks are personalised to each individual client and are provided in electronic format for use on promotional material:
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