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The International Certification Body was founded in 1995 in Australia and currently operates worldwide. It has about 40 official offices, 10,000 valid certificates, clients in all sectors of the economy.
In March 2001, the company opened its first branch, an office in Shanghai, and began auditing activities at the international level. Soon after, it was awarded the status of "International", due to the expansion of the Company's area of activity.
TQCSI stands for Total Quality Certification Services International.

"TQCSI" in Kazakhstan
TQCSI(Kazakhstan) was established in 2006 and provides certification, re-certification, inspection audits of Management Systems and training of personnel according to various international standards. The company covers Kazakhstan, the Caspian region and neighboring countries in its activities.
For 15 years of work in Kazakhstan, we have issued about 1000 certificates of compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 13485, GMP, HACCP, ISO 27001, ISO 37001 and other standards.

The certification process. Stages.

Introductory interview. Filling out the official Certification Application Form
Signing the contract
Documentation analysis
Анализ документации
Preliminary audit
Conducting an initial audit
System Audit
Audit Of the Company's Management System
After a full audit, the certification process is started
Inspection audits
Conducting an Inspection Audit of the 1st year and conducting Inspection Audit of the 2nd year
Re-certification Audit
Conducting a recertification audit to extend the validity of the certificate of conformity of the System
Contact with the TQCSI office will provide an opportunity for discussion, during which the proposed system requirements and certification conditions will be explained in detail. You will be given a clear understanding of what is required and the opportunity to ask for clarification until you fully understand the responsibilities of both parties.

For large companies or companies carrying out diverse operations, at this stage it may be necessary for TQCSI to visit and get acquainted with the operations and services of your company.
As soon as the necessary information is requested, you will be provided with a final offer for certification services with an explanation of all costs and no hidden fees to worry about. Prices can also be requested on our website: . Proposals are usually sent by mail with an information package that will include certification rules and an application form.

Then the proposed certification dates will be agreed.
Contact us
You can always contact the TQCSI office to clarify any questions related to your certification. The TQCSI office will either solve the problem on the spot or pass it on to your auditor accordingly..

The company is already certified (by another authority).
Special conditions apply to companies that are already certified by other certification bodies and want to switch to TQCSI. The transfer process is simple and often more cost-effective than staying with a certification body that provides lower quality services. Details are sent on request.

Companies with a holding structure (multisite)
Companies controlling operations at several sites will be informed by the TQCSI office about the most effective option for the transition to certification. The certification requirements are flexible enough to provide a range of options that meet individual needs in the most cost-effective way.

Certification of systems is the recognition by an independent body that the relevant management system operates in accordance with pre-established and officially recognized standards.

It is also a guarantee for other companies that your services and/or products are under control and include a program of continuous improvement.

In fact, it gives your customers and potential customers confidence that your Company will constantly produce the same product or service and that you will respond to any complaints or suggestions for improvement.

TQCSI provides its clients with full confidence that all information and data observed and/or used during the audit will remain confidential and will not be transferred in any form to third parties.

Our guarantee to you
TQCSI provides authoritative, honest and trustworthy certification. We maintain the highest standards that you and your customers can rely on.
Why choose us - what are the advantages?
TQCSI offers a serious practical approach to interpreting your management system in accordance with the requirements of the relevant Standard. We strive to provide complete customer satisfaction while maintaining a reliable, logical understanding of Standards and understanding of your company's needs.

TQCSI employs carefully selected auditors who have extensive experience in their field, understand business requirements and are qualified auditors. Whenever possible, we involve local auditors to reduce costs.

TQCSI offers cost-effective services designed to be attractive to all companies and, in particular, to those small companies that make up a large part of our business structure in Australia and Asia.

At TQCSI, our team can come at any time convenient for you to get advice and explain what services are available before submitting your official application for certification.

TQCSI services are available and fit into your audit schedule.

TQCSI conducts regular control audits in accordance with your availability.

Initially, TQCSI was created to provide the market with an easily accessible alternative to larger and more bureaucratic certification bodies. We offer fast service with practical application at a real price.

TQCSI promotes your certification with electronic certificates on our website.
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