Books about business

We have prepared for you a list of books that will help you expand your understanding of business.

1. Henry Ford "My life, my achievements"

In his book, Henry Ford shares his life story, his views on business management, his ideas in management theory and in general in the whole economy. His ideas are now embodied in thousands of companies that work on the principle introduced by Ford at the beginning of the twentieth century.

2. Robert Kiyosaki "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"

In this book, the author claims that schools and universities do not teach real life and do not show ways to achieve wealth. In the book, in simple and accessible language, the author talks about the secrets of enrichment and financial literacy.

3. Richard Branson "Naked Business"

"Instead of ranting on these pages about my success, I just wrote the whole truth about my companies," writes Sir Richard.

In addition to candid stories about the successes and failures of the Virgin group of companies, this book is invaluable with tips and quotes from a real entrepreneur's notebook.

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